For Just $878 a Trip to Game 6 Can Be Yours

Ticket prices have skyrocketed as fans strive to see the Sox win a title at home.

Let’s play “would you rather.”

Would you rather a new Macbook Pro … or a chance to see history made at Fenway Park for about three or four hours Wednesday night?

Would you rather an iPhone 5 and a year of expenses … or a really cold evening of either elation or very pricey despair?

Would you rather a round-trip flight to Hong Kong next month or the opportunity to purchase expensive beer and a lifetime of memories?

Yes, at an average of $1860 this morning, a ticket to Game 6 of the World Series at Fenway on Wednesday is looking mighty expensive, ESPN reports. The lowest one could pay was $878, Bloomberg adds. The better views were far more. “On Monday night, someone who wanted two of the best seats in the house paid $24,000 on StubHub for a pair of tickets in the first row in a dugout box between home plate and one of the on-deck circles,” ESPN writes. Hey, that’s only like a semester of college. Worth it!

For those of you outside the 1 percent (but still in, like, the 2 percent), a better, if more shameful, strategy might be to root for a Game 6 loss and buy tickets now for Game 7, where an even more intense glory might be witnessed (or a more bitter, and still quite expensive defeat.) Tickets on Stubhub reach as low as $750 at this point (and they’re refundable should the event be cancelled by a Game 6 victory, a disclaimer on the site states.) But in case you’re looking to watch a few innings of Wednesday night’s game before deciding whether to pull the Game 7 trigger … so is everyone else. At least, if Game Five consumer behavior is to be believed:

[Jim Holzman of Ace Ticket in Boston] said fans began buying tickets in earnest Monday night after the Red Sox scored in the top of the first inning during their 3-1 Game 5 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals.

“Prices were going up $50 an inning,” Holzman said.