John Connolly’s Better Half Gives The Campaign A Try

Usually withdrawn, we're seeing more of Meg Connolly these days.

One thing that’s been fun in this mayoral campaign has been to see the usually withdrawn Meg Connolly spend more time in the public eye, campaigning for her husband. Sure, it’s largely a cynical play for women’s votes. No, I don’t think it should affect anybody’s vote. Yeah, I suspect it’s partly a distasteful reminder that Marty Walsh doesn’t have a traditional wife and kids. But if you tuck away the back-room calculations, Meg herself is just a tremendously likable and enjoyable campaign presence.

Apparently she got teary-eyed at a big event today, recounting her battle with lymphoma—a story I didn’t know, and from what I gather, came as a surprise to most if not all of the campaign team.

As it happens, the campaign was also getting ready to debut an online video featuring Meg and John talking all cutesy about their history. I’ve got hold of it, and here’s your first look.