Fundraiser Started For the Guy Whose Car Got Flipped Over After the World Series

He's out about $2,500 due to insurance deductibles and lease fees.

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A Brookline resident decided to start a fundraiser for a Boston man whose car was flipped over during the World Series celebration on Boylston Street on Wednesday night.

“Chad Duncan’s car got absolutely wrecked by a bunch of jamokes who took a celebration and turned it into their own idiotic demolition derby,” said Bobby O’Neill on his page set up for Duncan, called “Boston’s Better Than That.”

According to, Duncan, who lives in Kenmore Square, woke up Thursday morning to discover that his car was missing from its parking spot, and all that remained were shards of broken glass. His car was the only one that was flipped over in the city, something that left him “confused,” he said. The report said he would need to pay about $2,500 for an insurance deductible and new lease fees.

Feeling bad for Duncan, who will have to dip into his own pocket in order to pay those unnecessary costs, O’Neill decided he wanted to help the 28-year-old, and lift the burden of those expenses through the fundraising page.

In an email to Boston, O’Neill added that the “idiots” responsible for damaging the car are not a proper representation of the rest of the city. “This Chad guy moved here from out-of-state. It just seemed like a horrible message for him to receive. I love Boston, I’m from here, and I know we’re better than those people who destroyed his stuff.”

“[What happened] is stupid. Boston’s better than that. Especially after this year, no one who truly loves the city of Boston should ever engage in willful wanton destruction,” said O’Neill. “Let’s band together and help Chad pay for what these idiots did. He shouldn’t have to … let’s show how good Bostonians can be.”

Within an hour of going up, the fundraiser surpassed $900.