Koji Uehara’s Son Gives a Great Interview

He adorably answered an interviewer's questions after his father's big win Wednesday night.

Koji Uehara is pretty good at endearing himself to Red Sox fans, whether through his heartfelt hugs, or his earnest blog posts, or (most likely) his dominant pitching. So it’s no surprise that the “endearing” gene got passed down to his son, Kaz Uehara.

In the above video, Kaz stood by as his father answered questions from Fox Sports’s Erin Andrews through a translator after the World Series win Wednesday night. Then the reporter turned to Kaz, who did not use a translator, which might be why the interview went like this:

Andrews: Alright, Kaz. You were the rockstar at the ALCS trophy presentation. You haven’t been to school in quite a while. You said you were excited for your dad. How proud are you of your dad tonight?

Kaz: Good.

Andrews: How hard are you gonna celebrate tonight, Kaz?

Kaz: Crazy?

She then half-heartedly asks him for a high five as he walks away.

Speaking of that ALCS presentation, Kaz was, indeed, a rockstar then as well, where he once again faced down Erin Andrews:

Andrews: Your dad said he almost threw up out there. How did you feel when he was pitching?

Kaz: I don’t know!

Andrews: You don’t know? Did you get sick when he was out there or were you excited?

Kaz: Excited!

We love this kid!