The Guy Whose Car Was Flipped Over Had His Repairs Funded

A site set up to reimburse a Kenmore Square resident with, uh, car troubles raised nearly $3,500.

The man whose car was flipped by World Series revelers raised nearly $1,000 more than was needed to fully cover his expenses, thanks to a crowd-sourced site set up to help him out.

Kenmore Square resident Chad Duncan woke up Thursday to discover that his car was the only one that had been successfully toppled in the celebrations surrounding the Red Sox victory the night before. According to, Duncan said he’d need about $2,500 for an insurance deductible and new lease fees to replace his vehicle. (Waking up to a YouTube video of some dudes toppling your ride and then walking all over it, though inherently valuable, can’t really be monetized.)

That’s when a Brookline resident Bobby O’Neill set up a page to help Duncan recuperate his losses. In less than one day, 233 donors exceeded the $2,500 Duncan needed, raising $3,435 as of this writing. Many echoed O’Neill’s sentiments when he created the page by saying they thought the post-marathon spirit of charity should be what people remembered in the wake of the Sox win.  “Great work—Boston Strong enough to fix this!” wrote one donor.

The surplus will be donated to the One Fund to benefit Boston Marathon bombing victims, O’Neill said in an update to the page.

“WE DID IT! Thanks to everyone, we reached the goal late last night!” he wrote. “Thanks to everyone for being amazing and simultaneously surprising me yet exactly meeting my expectations of how awesome Bostonians are.”

So hoorah. Boston did get the chance to prove that vandals don’t define the bulk of our residents, and the One Fund is getting an extra bit of money out of this whole sad affair. Still, maybe let’s agree to stop toppling cars next time? Cool? Cool.