David Ortiz Censors His ‘Our City’ Quote for the David Letterman Audience

David Ortiz appeared on David Letterman's show Monday night.

His victory lap hasn’t been quite as entertaining as Mike Napoli’s, but a clean-shaven David Ortiz did venture into Yankees territory to appear on “The Late Show with David Letterman” Monday night. There, Letterman admitted “it would be better for us if it were the Yankees,” but congratulated Ortiz on his World Series win.

Letterman also brought up Ortiz’s first appearance at Fenway after the Boston Marathon bombing last April, telling him that “you have become, sort of, the standard bearer for ‘by god, uh, this is our city.'” (We’re pretty sure that wasn’t the exact quote…) Ortiz talked about what he was feeling that day:

“My first day, I saw a lot of faces, you know, expecting something special to happen and me being one of those faces … I expressed myself the way I felt at the time.”

“Yeah. And what exactly did you say?” Letterman deadpanned.

“This is our bleeeeep city!” Ortiz reminded everyone, in what’s become his regular edit to the famous quote (to the relief of overzealous guardians of public morals everywhere.)