John Connolly Had a Post-Election Twitter Tiff

Politicians probably shouldn't check Twitter after losing elections. And they definitely shouldn't respond.

Let this be a political axiom for the 21st century: In the hours after losing an important race, don’t check Twitter. Resist that temptation to see what your gleeful detractors are saying about you. And if you break that rule, let this one be ironclad: Whatever you see there, don’t respond.

Late into the night, mayoral runner-up John Connolly seemed to break both guidelines. Whoever was tweeting from his account (context suggests it was the candidate) was set off by a thread of tweets suggesting his family would quickly move out of Boston to somewhere more luxe (in keeping with opponents’ accusations that he’s an elitist.)

That’s when Connolly jumped in:

And then another Connolly detractor chimed in.

Connolly decided to respond to him, too, revealing how he knows the guy:

(A perusal of @The_Sull’s feed previous to election night shows he occasionally negatively mentioned Connolly, but not in a particularly trolly manner.)

From there, others started chiming in, but that was, blissfully, all they got out of Connolly. Not that he isn’t free to engage in these kinds of conversations if he likes. But take it from those of us who live on the web.  It’s just not the best therapy.