Bill Belichick Thinks the Red Sox Players Are Really Small

A sideline mic reveals his impressions of the Red Sox from the Pittsburgh game.


Bill Belichick wore a mic during Sunday’s 55-31 victory over the Steelers which means that you, yes you, can listen to an unfettered Belichick lead his team to victory. More amusingly, you can also hear Belichick’s thoughts on the Boston Red Sox, who attended Sunday’s game after their World Series victory. His impressions can be summed up pretty succinctly: the Red Sox are short.

“Oh, I know, they’re little,” he says at one point. “Pedroia is like 150 pounds.” (Dustin Pedroia’s baseball card puts him at 5’9″ but some have called bullshit on that figure in the past. Wherever he is in that height range, 150 pounds would be pretty light, but not wildly out of range.)

Later on the sidelines, Tom Brady leaned over to his coach to say, “They must be going, ‘Jeez, these guys are huge.'”

“I know,” Belichick says, clearly excited to pick back up the topic du jour. “They’re so little!” (Tom Brady is 6’4″.)

Inter-Boston team gossiping aside, the video gives pretty cool insight into Belichick’s sideline demeanor. He was really concerned with keeping Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in the pocket. “Get his ass,” is actually what he said as the Patriots defense sacked him. And he was quite anxious to keep the Patriots scoring, too.

It’s a highly recommended piece of audio.