Buy Paul Pierce’s Home

He's selling his Lincoln house having departed for Brooklyn.


Paul Pierce image via Keith Allison on Flickr

Good news for those who felt Kevin Garnett’s $4.85 million asking price was just outside their price range: former Celtics captain Paul Pierce, departed with Garnett for the Brooklyn Nets, is also selling his Boston-area home, this one for just $2.6 million. It’s a steal!

“Enter the dramatic foyer and the dream begins,” the listing says of the Lincoln five bedroom, that dream, of course, being to walk with the ghosts of Celtics greatness. The Globe calls it “a sweet house” with “custom cabinetry, gourmet kitchen, and big windows overlooking a large private backyard.”

Of course, for those of us not on the market for a multimillion dollar home that doubles as a piece of sports memorabilia, all these real estate listings are mostly sad reminders that though there was a time we thought they’d retire as Celtics, we can’t count Pierce and Garnett as locals any longer. At least that’s a bite that has somewhat less edge in the hours after the Celtics’ fourth straight win.