Rob Gronkowski’s Ladies-Only Football Clinic Went Exactly How You Thought It Would

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Many wondered just what might transpire at Rob Gronkowski’s inaugural “Football 101 Women’s Clinic” this Monday evening at Harvard Stadium.  We knew a few things from the announcement. We knew Female Citi Card members could pay $99 for “a focus on football basics with a social twist,” that included small group drills, and  pre-workout cocktails of “Gronk-tinis.” We did not know what was in a Gronk-tini.

The event is now passed. And we still don’t know what was in the Gronk-tinis, although one helpful attendee did tweet out a photo:


— Lana Berry (@Lana) November 11, 2013

We could assume going in that the evening would involve Gronk being Gronk, and in this—based on the above video showing Gronk and the ladies doing the Dougie—we were correct. They also played tug-of-war, which… well, as long as that forarm is feeling fine this morning, you do you, Gronk.

Gronk put on a hat

— Lana Berry (@Lana) November 12, 2013

Also this moment happened: 

they just asked the ladies “what is a tight end??” and Gronk turned around, wiggled his ass, and said “THIS is a tight end”

— Lana Berry (@Lana) November 11, 2013

We cannot imagine that anyone who bought a ticket to this event had their expectations disappointed.

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