The Boston Herald Is Your #1 Source for News About the Boston Herald

The tabloid couldn't help running a Menino quote about them on their cover. Plus: John Boehner tweeted about them.

It’s a standout day for those of us who look to the Boston Herald for news about the Boston Herald.  Just look at this cover, destined to be a classic.

In the story, reporter John Zaremba asks Mayor Menino whether his new job at Boston University is a conflict of interest. B.U. has several requests in front of the Menino-appointed Boston Redevelopment Authority. It’s a fine line of questioning, and one they pursued back when Menino was offered a job at Harvard, too. Menino is a conniving guy, so rather than respond respectfully, he said, “It’s that typical Herald question. I feel sorry for you guys. I really do.” He added that he has checked with his lawyers, and, “It’s good to have the hindsight to deal with this 
before it becomes a problem.” He meant “foresight” not “hindsight” but the Herald went ahead and quoted him directly anyway … and then put the quote on the cover.

Menino just knows that the Boston Herald can’t resist doing something like making an insult aimed at them its headline. They still get their point across in the story, but the headline emphasis is elsewhere. It’s the difference between “Is there abuse of power here?” and “Can you believe he said that to us?” Everyone in this affair is expertly trolling the other.

This fiasco, by the way, is just the second most amusing Herald self-reference in today’s paper. First Prize goes to the story headlined, “John Boehner RT’s Herald editorial.”

In it, the Boston Herald reports that Speaker of the House John Boehner tweeted out a link to the Boston Herald‘s editorial on Obamacare.

This is the journalistic equivalent of a Belieber tweeting, “ZOMG Justin Bieber retweeted me!!1!!”

But these are tough times in the media industry, and the Herald wants to remind readers of its relevance. The only shocking part of the story is what’s missing from it: a plug for Boston Herald Radio.