Red Sox Pitcher Jake Peavy’s Duck Boat Is Reportedly Being Towed To Alabama

The news channels were chasing him down the highway.

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When the Red Sox won the World Series at Fenway Park in late October, pitcher Jake Peavy did the only logical thing possible: he bought the Duck Boat that he rode in during the victory parade.

Today, that boat is on the road, and reportedly headed to his home in Alabama. “It’s on 93 now. Everyone is following the duck. They will flatbed it all the way back,” said Boston Duck Tours director of marketing, Bob Schwartz. “it just shipped out this morning.”

A truck came to grab the boat early Thursday morning, to start the journey to Peavy’s residence down south.

In a recent interview with the Boston Herald, detailing the slightly-odd purchase, Peavy said it wasn’t an impulse buy, and he wanted the boat to be in his family so they could enjoy it at their 5,000-acre ranch outside of Selma, Alabama.

“We’re going to keep it forever. My grandchildren are going to be showing that duck boat to their grandchildren. Long after I’m gone, that duck boat is going to be in my family to remind them of one of the happiest days of my life. They’ll know about the highlight of my professional career,” he told the Herald.

Schwartz confirmed the sale was in the works before the World Series win. He said the company was going to scrap the boat anyways, to introduce new ones next season.

While it’s unknown if Peavy was behind the wheel—he likely wasn’t—or even with the crew that scooped up his personalized boat Thursday, news stations started calling up Boston Duck Tours to find out where the vessel was headed, so they could follow it down the highway in their helicopters. Channel 4 reported it was on its way to the ranch:

“I kept getting calls from new stations who were trying to track it down,” said Schwartz.

In his 15 years with the company, Schwartz said the purchase was a first. ““We never sell them, so I never thought anyone would buy it for personal reasons,” he said. “It’s definitely one of the weirder things.”