Citizens Disconnect: Have Fun, Godd*** It!

The weekly roundup of our favorite requests for city services.

With the Citizens Connect app and website, Boston allows its residents to take a picture of a problem and send it to the city along with their precise location. The site is filled with complaints about trash on the sidewalk, potholes, and dead trees. It also contains the occasional oddity. Welcome to “Citizens Disconnect,” the series wherein we round up our favorite few from the past week:

Have fun, goddamit! 


Concerned Citizen: “Really!!? This is a children’s playground (William A. Meaney) PLEASE CLEAN!!”

Maybe if they just paint over the objectionable “Your ass” part, it’ll actually be helpful to any children who’ve never seen a slide before.

You always take JP’s side, Boston!


Concerned Citizen: “Trash completely covering sidewalk for well over a month. This is the third time I’m reporting it, why isn’t it being dealt with? If this were JP it would have been taken care of right away!”

We highlight this complaint not because of its content. CC is full of complaints about people putting trash out early. No, we just mean to laugh at a particular strategy we see frequently, which is to play on the city’s guilt by suggesting that they play favorites, much as a sibling might to her parent. “You always let Johnny go first because he’s your favorite, Mom.” Does it work? Eh, worth a shot.   

Me, Again!


Concerned citizen: “me again…complaining about disgrraceful newasboxes. [sic] a couple others next to it are clean but have graffiti stickers. but the Dig should be removed since they don’t care to maintain?”

We also see a lot of people concerned with the appearance of news boxes. Can you sense that this person thinks he or she is maybe getting on the city’s nerves? “Me again!” You again, indeed.

Good Point Award


Concerned Citizen: “This monstrosity, at the C line tnerminus,I know, is the property of the MBTA. I wrote and asked them to junk it over a month ago I’ve not heard from them and they haven’t done anything with it. Do you t honk they might do it. If the. City asks? Thanks Jk.”

Yeah, that’s gross looking. That’s all.