Watch How This Cambridge Shoe Company’s Exclusive Footwear Is Made

Concepts released a video that shows what goes into creating their products.

The Cambridge-based shoe company, Concepts, has been teaming up with some of the leading boot manufacturers around the country for years, bringing “sneaker heads” authentic products to wear on their feet.

And in their latest collaboration, with Red Wing Shoes, the Harvard retailer not only plans on delivering one-of-a-kind footwear, but they are taking customers behind the scenes to see how it’s all done.

In a nearly two-minute video posted by Concepts this week, customers can get a sneak peek at how their shoes come to be.

From the stitching, shaping, and cutting, all the way to the process of slathering on the rubber to the sole of the shoe, the detailed work that goes into creating a new line of footwear is extensive and meticulous, and requires the precise application of different elements of the shoe, done by hand.

The latest product isn’t made locally, however, and is manufactured by Red Wing Shoes at the company’s headquarters in Minnesota. According to the company, they have a long-standing tradition of handcrafting footwear. “Teamwork is an essential part of the Red Wing culture and is something our employees value. In our boot-making factory, several people will work on handcrafting a single pair of Red Wing boots. This means that working as a team becomes a necessity in order for the boots to be built properly,” the company says on their Facebook page.

In the past, during collaborations with Concepts, Red Wing Shoes has placed the Harvard Square company’s logo on the tongue of the product.

The new red suede boots won’t be available for sale until November 23, in store, and later online.

Similarly, a video leaked by Sneaker News this week, of Boston-based New Balance’s production process, shows how the company’s iconic classic brand is made.

In a video posted on YouTube with little information about its origins, the three-minute clip takes viewers through the step-by-step process of how the company’s footwear is stitched together to get shoes from the factory to peoples’ feet.