The Cops Made A Joke on Social Media About Being Called ‘Pigs’

And for some reason people thought it was the greatest thing that happened today.

The State Police in Massachusetts can apparently take a joke.

When they received a call out in the Western part of the state, in Sterling, which is filled with farmland, that a couple of pigs had been roaming around on the side of the busy road, they alerted drivers about the animals and made a pun about the term “pigs,” often used to describe police.

Hold the jokes (At least be polite)….. Loose Pigs! #TrafficAdvisory I-190 SB near exit 6. Loose pigs. Use caution. We don’t want any ham hocks on hwy!

State Police

The message was posted to both their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The Twitter message, which was trending within minutes, said they didn’t want “any ham hocks on the highway.” On Facebook, more than 250 people shared the photo, and hundreds of people left messages. “At least you have a good sense of humor,” someone wrote.

Others were less kind, despite a plea by the cops to hold the bacon jokes. “There [sic] just looking for dunking [sic] donuts,” someone said.