BPD Officer, ‘Boston’s Finest’ Cast Member, Reportedly Took His Own Life

Officer Pat Rogers was one of the show's stars.

Boston's Finest Image Via TNT

Boston’s Finest Image Via TNT

A Boston Police Officer who made a regular appearance on a show produced by Donnie Wahlberg died last week, after reportedly taking his own life, but the series is still set to air its second season tonight, despite the tragedy.

Roughly one week before “Boston’s Finest” was scheduled to return to the screen, members of the Boston Police Department mourned the sudden loss of Officer Pat Rogers.

Rogers, a Dorchester native who served with the department for more than eight years, is described as “tough as any cop on the street,” but outside of the job, relaxed with a good sense of humor. Rogers was partnered with Jenn Penton—one of the show’s main subjects—on the TNT series, which featured the pair cruising around the city.

The Boston Herald reported the alleged suicide, but did not name the officer last week.

The officer who died was featured in several episodes during the show’s first season but only briefly in the second, which begins in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.

On November 22, however, the Boston Globe identified Rogers as the officer who took his own life, in an article that examined the stresses of being a law enforcement official, and the greater problem of “cop suicide.”

Wahlberg was supposed to air a preview of the series’ new season at the Revere Hotel last week with Mayor Tom Menino and members of the department, but the event was cancelled when news of Rogers’s death was reported.

A request to the Boston Police Department about the circumstances of Rogers’ death was not immediately returned.

Wahlberg, who produces the TNT drama, tweeted about the cast member’s death last week, but did not confirm which person from the show it was.

This week, he Tweeted about Rogers specifically, after making a visit to Boston:

A Facebook page has already been set up commemorating Rogers, called “Remembering Officer Patrick Rogers Boston Police Dept.,” where people who knew the officer are sharing their thoughts and prayers.

“We do not know the circumstances yet about the tragic loss of Officer Rogers,” the page reads. “It also may be easy to neglect that with the ‘glitz and glamour’ of television that he was a real working law enforcement officer, but indeed he was a cop, blue to the bone. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, brothers and sisters on the BPD and many friends.”