Mayor Menino Doesn’t Care What You Think Anymore

He joked around with a TV news reporter, and you'll want to watch.

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As his time in office wanes, Mayor Menino is getting into a rollicking Thanksgivukah spirit (it’s an official city holiday this year) and like the honey badger before him, he don’t care what you think about it. There’s not much to say here except that you should watch the above video of the Mayor, from Fox 25 News. In it, he deviously uses a cupcake to beckon reporter Sharman Sacchetti to come closer, tells her, “What! I don’t care anymore. I can do anything I want. Anything you say about me, who cares?” Fox apparently took the mayor at his word by airing the footage in full for their viewers.

In the clip, Menino also steals Sacchetti’s microphone and does his best impression of the TV reporters who have undoubtedly plagued him all his career. We sense many decades of pent up energy being released here. “I would not have taken that cupcake, you don’t know whats in it,” anchor Maria Stephanos says, no doubt accidentally implying that the Mayor was under some kind of influence other than lame-duck apathy.