The One Direction Boys Are Fair-Weather Patriots Fans

The pop band took a photo wearing Patriots gear to promote a Gillette concert.

The boys of the British pop boy band One Direction sent local fans into a frenzy, as they often do, when they released a photo to promote an August concert at Gillette Stadium in which they’re wearing Patriots gear.

The Twitter buzz suggests that there is, well, a frankly surprising overlap between Patriots Fans and 1Ders:

But quell your yearning hearts, ladies (or lads)! These boys are no more than fair-weather fans. Literally. The concert is in August (when the Revolution is playing Gillette.) And they’re British, meaning they distinguish between football and “American football,” a phrase that must be uttered with equal parts confusion and derision.

Also, they once filmed a Pepsi ad in which they played football with Drew Brees! He’s no Patriot! (And they weren’t very good.) Also, why is Zayn throwing up a west side gang sign? Why do they say “see you in Boston” when they’re performing in Foxboro? We have a lot of questions, basically, before we go inviting them to our Superbowl party. (JK, they’re totally invited.)

And yet, none of these questions matter to the true fans. Of course One Direction doesn’t care about the Patriots. Of course they probably barely remember being handed these jerseys in a blur of a photo shoot. But even donning these windbreakers inspires hope in the hearts of the region’s woman-folk.