Prosecutors Say Aaron Hernandez’s Girlfriend Lied to a Grand Jury 29 Times

Shayanna Jenkins pleaded not guilty to perjury in October. The list of her alleged lies is long.

Shayanna Jenkins

Associated Press

Shayanna Jenkins, girlfriend of Aaron Hernandez, allegedly perjured herself while testifying in front of a Grand Jury at least 29 times, according to new documents reported on by the Providence Journal.

Jenkins, you’ll recall, pleaded not guilty to a charge of perjury in October. Prosecutors outlined some of their case against her in that court proceeding. Now, a detailed five-page Bill of Particulars filed with the clerk’s office in Fall River Superior Court Monday gives more detail about just what Jenkins told the Grand Jury, as they considered whether to indict her boyfriend with murdering Odin Lloyd.

The list of her alleged fibs is long, and as usual, the prosecutors’ version of events depicts a pretty inept cover-up in the days after Lloyd’s body was found and investigators began looking into Hernandez. The documents allege that Jenkins testified falsely that she didn’t converse with Hernandez about why police were questioning him at his home. She testified that she couldn’t remember where she went after she dropped Hernandez at the North Attleboro police station. And she also said she didn’t remember what she removed from their home or why she removed it. (Camera footage shows her taking a box out of the house.)

Her lawyers, meanwhile, have argued that the lengthy perjury charges are an attempt to, essentially, throw the book at her to coerce cooperation in their legal case against Hernandez. It’s certainly looking like a long book.