Santa Claus And Three Elves Jumped From a Plane and Landed in Quincy

They captured the entire journey on a GoPro camera.

When Santa Claus visits the city of Quincy, he doesn’t rely on his sleigh. Instead, he skydives from a small plane, with three helpers behind him, and greets residents on the ground.

As part of the annual weekend-long Quincy holiday celebration at the end of November, a man dressed as Santa Claus took a leap from thousands of feet in the air, after leaving an airfield in nearby Norwood, and plummeted towards a park below to kick off the Christmas season.

The Santa skydiver was accompanied by three “elves,” according to the video, which was Tweeted out on Tuesday by the Quincy mayor’s administrative staff. The jump was recorded on GoPro cameras, and posted on YouTube. “The Santa drop is part of our post-Thanksgiving day weekend,” said Chris Walker, director of policy and information for Mayor Tom Koch. “We do a downtown tree lighting on Friday night, Saturday Santa drops in, and we have a Christmas Parade on Sunday.”

After the jump, Santa then rides through Quincy on a fire truck. They have been doing the city-sponsored jump for about 36 years. This is the first time the city has seen them using a helmet cam for the event, Walker said.

The Patriot Ledger has additional photos of Santa making a landing.