Scott Brown Agrees with Elizabeth Warren

She shouldn't run for president, says her former rival.

Elizabeth Warren

Associated Press

Reacting to yesterday’s stunning revelation that Elizabeth Warren is still not running for President, Scott Brown expressed a rare moment of approval for his former Senate rival.

“Listen, you have to have a record first,” Brown told the Boston Herald in a bit of a backhanded compliment on her stance. Brown added, probably without necessity, that, “She didn’t call me to ask me any advice,” when she decided against (or continued not to consider) a presidential campaign.

You have to “go and pass legislation and have experience to be president,” Brown said. Brown, of course, has spent time in Iowa and dropped hints he might explore a 2016 run, himself, having served about three years in the U.S. Senate. Lately, though, most speculation centers on whether he’ll run for Senate in New Hampshire. As for the occasional grumbles from New Hampshire conservatives that he ought to, uh, [make his decision] or else get off the pot, Brown denied that he’s feeling pressure. “They’re very thankful that I take time to … help raise money for them,” he said of state Republicans. Funny, Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign probably feels the same.