The Hives Offer ‘Sincere’ Apology For Dedicating a Song About ‘Blowing Stuff Up’ To Boston

The singer didn't take the Marathon bombing into consideration before opening his mouth.

The Hives via Facebook

The Hives via Facebook

Not only are members of the Swedish alt-rock group The Hives sorry for dedicating a song called “Tick Tick Boom” to fans in Boston, during their concert at the TD Garden on Thursday night, they also claim they never made the connection between the song’s content and the Marathon bombing.

The band’s lead singer, Pelle Almqvist, posted the apology on The Hives’ Facebook page Friday afternoon, after people pointed out on social media that the dedication came off as insensitive:

About last night: I wanted to dedicate a song to the Boston crowd because they had been so great throughout the show, and unfortunately Tick Tick Boom was the next song in the set. The tragic Boston Marathon bombing never once crossed my mind while on stage, and of course it should have. My most sincere apologies to the people of Boston for this unintentional but serious mistake.

The Hives were in the city, opening up for singer Pink, when Almqvist reportedly said, during the set, “This song’s for everyone in Boston. It’s about stuff blowing up. It’s called Tick, Tick, Boom.”

The statement immediately shocked people attending the concert, some of whom reached out to Pink to let her know that the opening act’s slip-up didn’t go unnoticed.

Surprisingly, unlike similar mishaps in the past from the likes of Bill Maher, or a band member from Pittsburgh during the Stanley Cup finals, people seemed understanding after Almqvist apologized. “Wow!! that was very unfortunate! but you guys didn’t mean to do it. Offering your sincere apologies to everyone there shows that,” one fan wrote.

Another told Almqvist and fellow band members that “Hey man, we all make mistakes.”