Danvers Police ‘Amazed’ At Number of Toy Donations After Gifts Were Stolen

Officers have received an overwhelming amount of donations for the Toys for Tots program following a theft last week.

Photo Via Danvers Police

Photo Via Danvers Police

The Danvers Police Department now has more toys to donate to children this holiday season than they did before someone broke into a storage unit and pilfered presents from the town.

“We have an entire room full of toys being picked up shortly,” said Danvers Police Sergeant Olivia Silva. “It just shows how people can be especially kind around the holiday season, and that it’s all about the kids, and people weren’t going to let what happened deter the children from getting toys.”

Last week, a storage unit that was filled with merchandise that was going to be delivered to the Toys for Tots program was busted open, and a suspect—or suspects—made off with the charitable goods.

Collecting the toys for children was part of a long-standing tradition organized by Marine veteran Bertram Russell and 30 other veterans from the Danvers area.

While no one has been arrested for stealing the toys from the unit, and the incident remains under investigation, Silva said a flood of donations came into the police department over the weekend, after news broke that someone tried to derail the annual gift-giving process.

The department has been keeping people updated via Twitter and Facebook, snapping photos of the pile of donated toys, showing how it has consistently grown over the course of just a few days—so much so, that the latest photo shows a room full of goods that almost blocks the doorway.

“Several businesses in the community have been coming to the fire and police stations and dropping off checks, and regular citizens have been coming in with toys,” said Silva. “So many people wanted to help Bert Russell’s cause.”

The Danvers Police are accepting donations up until the holiday, to make sure children in need have toys to open on Christmas Day.

Below is a comparison from when the theft was first reported, and the donations that came in over the weekend: