There’s Beer Everywhere!

A local brewery's pipe went "pop," spilling suds all over the place.

Photo via Jack's Abby Brewing

Photo via Jack’s Abby Brewing

A Framingham brewery had to battle back suds spilling from one of their beer tanks after a burst pipe sent gallons upon gallons of the beverage shooting out of the side of the machine.

In a video posted to Jack’s Abby Brewing’s Facebook page on Wednesday, company representatives said they will be out of bottled supplies for fans of the craft beer, since a gasket failed to do its job, leading to a cascade of alcohol pouring from several spots on the side of the tank.


Looks like people will be waiting until 2014 before they can taste that particular batch of beer again. Luckily, the company clarified that all other batches brewed at their Framingham location are still good to go as per usual, so all is not lost.

Beer-fan Mike Toole had the proper reaction: “Welp, off to Framingham with a huge straw.”