The Soup Nazi Is in Boston

But he's softened up. The soup is free!

The Soup Nazi, a.k.a. actor Larry Thomas is handing out free soup today and tomorrow on City Hall Plaza, because nothing warms the soul on a winter day like nostalgic cultural references to bit characters on 90s sitcoms.

You’ll recall the Soup Nazi as the iconically intransigent restauranteur from “Seinfeld,” who punished anyone who flouted his strict ordering requirements with his fascistic declaration, “No soup for you!” (If you’ve forgotten, there’s a helpful supercut of his scenes from YouTube below.)

Since then, he’s taken his services on the road, operating a Soup Nazi foodtruck that’s already made one visit to Boston since opening. This time, he’s with American Well’s food truck in Government Center Plaza between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. today and tomorrow, promoting wellness with a “no sick for you” campaign.

The Soup Nazi seems to have lost his edge, though, as he’s giving away his wares for free. (Once upon a time, even just a side of bread cost $2 $3 no soup for you!) Not only that, he’s taking pictures with fans.

After your free soup, we encourage you to watch some “Seinfeld” reruns, as you likely have been for the past two decades. It’s on … pretty much all the time on whatever channel isn’t playing Law & Order SVU.