Jacoby Ellsbury Tries to Flatter Us Into Not Booing Him

Nice try, bro.

Jacoby Ellsbury, who will be introduced as a player for the New York Yankees at a press conference today, took out a full page ad in this morning’s Boston Globe to thank Boston’s fans for the memories:

“Red Sox Nation,” the ad reads …

Two world championships and

Seven years of great memories.

To the fans of New England. Teammates and the

Many friendships made.

Thank you!


We know what you’re thinking. “Is that a haiku?” Nope. (We had to check.)

Actually, what you’re probably thinking is “Nice try, Ellsbury.” Sure, he’s had one of the more smooth transitions from the Red Sox to the Yankees we’ve seen. That’s in part because with the Red Sox on top, we’re a bit less filled with rage for our pinstriped nemeses. It’s in part because Ellsbury never cultivated a Johnny Damon-like aura around town that made a move to New York feel like a betrayal. He’s always been a mercenary, and we knew that. And now there’s this gesture to the fans. So does that mean we won’t boo him next time he takes the plate at Fenway? Let’s ask Twitter:

Who does he think he is? Doc Rivers?