While You Prepare to Shovel Snow, the Patriots Are Practicing in a Sauna

They're prepping for hot weather in Miami.


Associated Press

Today in “athletes: they’re not just like us” headlines: While you’ve braved soul-killing winds and prepared to shovel snow this weekend, the Patriots have been toasty warm, practicing in the Dana Farber Field House with the heat turned up.

It’s not because they can’t brave the cold. Obviously, the team is familiar with playing in icy conditions. But they’ll have an entirely different challenge this weekend in Miami, where it is forecast to reach 82 degrees. So as New England resembles life beyond the wall of Westeros, the Patriots are keeping warm.

“We’ve got to make sure that we’re hydrated and ready for that heat and humidity and hopefully we will (be.). Coming from this weather, it’s a little bit different,” Patriots fullback James Develin tells the Enterprise.

“We’re getting ready for a little climate change,” Bill Belichick adds. We think he means the kind of climate change that brought on by a flight to Florida, not the kind of climate change wrought by keeping practice facilities heated to the low 80s. He’s going to have to wait a few more seasons to see those benefits.