Aaron Hernandez Is a Prison Wingman

Apparently he's forwarding his female fan mail to his prison buddies.

The gossip site TMZ.com, which has obtained several letters written by Hernandez to his jail correspondents over the months, has now obtained something even odder: letters from Hernandez’s jail buddies to his female admirers. If the two letters posted online by TMZ are to be believed, Hernandez is helping out his cellmates by handing off the contact info of women who have written to him in prison.

TMZ has posted letters, written by men who identify themselves as prison friends of Hernandez, to women who initially wrote the former Patriot himself. (Yes, there are women in this world who write fan mail to Hernandez, who is both engaged to the mother of his child and awaiting trial for murder.) Here is a choice excerpt of the letter from “Ronnie” or “Rondo.”

A/H [Aaron Hernandez] is my cellmate and friend he had given me your address saying he has a good feeling about you and I becoming penpals. I’m currently in prison for beating up a cop. So tell me about yourself. What do you look for in a man?

Ronnie described himself as good looking and in possession of a six pack. He offered to prove it by inviting the woman to look at his Facebook profile. “As romantic and heartfelt as their letters were … we’re told they did not receive responses,” TMZ writes.

But what did these women expect? Write an unsolicited letter to a dude in prison, and you get an unsolicited letter back from a dude in prison. Tit for tat. (Speaking of tats, Rondo writes in the letter that he has 65 of them. The more you know.)