Tom Brady Flummoxes TV Censors with Mention of ‘Shitty Plays’

Watch the station try to cut away after he drops some light potty language.

When Quarterback Tom Brady was asked about opportunities to reverse the outcome of Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins, he noted that, “We made some good plays and we made plenty of shitty plays so…”

The press conference was being carried live on WBZ, Boston’s CBS affiliate, and as Deadspin notes, the station was obviously caught off guard. They attempt to cut away from Brady by shifting to a “Fifth Quarter” screen and cutting the audio several seconds after his slip up. This wasn’t super useful given he wasn’t launching into a lengthy curse-laden tirade so much as … wrapping up the conference. The camera feed comes back a moment later to show him exiting.

Afterward, the network carried the footage on their website under the headline, “Brady Not Too Happy After Loss To Dolphins: ‘Made Plenty Of [Crappy] Plays.'”

We’re just going to say it. That attempt at censoring was pretty shitty.