‘Roadrunner’ Vs. ‘Dream On’: Which Will Be the Official Rock Song of Massachusetts?

Legislators have dueling bills declaring the official rock song of Massachusetts.


The Patriot Ledger is calling it a “battle of the bands.” The State House News Service deems it an “arockalypse.” We’re calling it “the surest sign that lawmakers are super ready for a holiday break.” Whatever you want to call it, the legislature will debate two bills on Thursday: one declaring “Roadrunner” by the Modern Lovers the official rock song of Massachusetts, the other giving the honor to Aerosmith’s “Dream On.”

The Ledger reports that “several South Shore lawmakers will appear before the Legislature’s Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight on Thursday to make the case for why their chosen rock song represents the spirit of the state.”

Here’s the scope of the debate:

In one corner is “Roadrunner,” released in 1976. The bill is sponsored by State Rep. (and Mayor Elect) Marty Walsh and State Senator Bob Hedlund. The song’s merits: It is about driving around Massachusetts and appreciating icons like Stop & Shop and Route 128.

In the other corner is “Dream On,” from Aerosmith’s 1973 debut album. That bill is sponsored by Rep. James Cantwell and Rep. Josh Cutler. The song’s merits: It comes from a rock legends with deep ties to the state. It also has an inspiring message. It also doesn’t draw attention to the topic of driving in Massachusetts.

So which bill will be victorious? Which will wither and fade into obscurity without a state legislature’s all-important seal of approval? Vote in our poll and stay tuned to find out.

POLL: Which Will Be the Official Rock Song of Massachusetts?