Miley Cyrus Didn’t Show Up For The KISS 108 Jingle Ball, And These People Are Furious

So furious, in fact, that they started a petition asking the radio station to refund them for the no-show.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

Parents and fans peeved Miley Cyrus was a no-show at this year’s KISS 108 Jingle Ball at the TD Garden say the station openly lied to concert-goers about her being backstage, when she was actually in New York taking shots at a bar.

Now, they want a refund for the hundreds of dollars they spent on tickets to the holiday-themed, celebrity-packed performance, claiming they were duped by the organizers who didn’t follow through with the promise of having the twerking tween sensation on the main stage.

In a petition started on, more than 170 supporters are backing Rich Nowak, of Connecticut, who said fans were in tears when they found out the headliner wasn’t going to make it because of the winter storm.

“Due to weather related issues Miley did not make her scheduled performance. I’m not sure who is to blame, but the whole situation was handled very poorly,” said Nowak. “First of all, on Miley’s part, every other act who performed at the New York Jingle Ball the night before made it to Boston. Why did Miley not plan for the snow and leave earlier? It seems the other acts did just that.”

Cyrus blamed her absence on the stormy situation that day, which brought around eight inches of wet, heavy snow to the Boston area. She told fans she couldn’t get off the ground in New York.

But she never came. Feeling bad for not showing her face at the concert, which happens once a year, the singer said she would make it up to her Boston fans, and then quickly hit the bar instead of the stage at the TD Garden:

But that excuse wasn’t enough to lift the spirits of the angry parents and fans that were disheartened by the lack of initiative on Cyrus’s part to try and get to Boston sooner.

“She claims she did everything she could to get to Boston but I talked to attendees who drove to Boston from New York to see the show, they made it on time why couldn’t Miley? She could have taken a car or a train if the airport was shut down,” Nowak said in his petition to get his money back.

The concerned 28-year-old-fan claims KISS 108 was no better, and made the situation worse by lying to the crowd, rather than giving them the heads up that Cyrus wasn’t on the way.

On social media, and on the radio, DJ’s were posting updates about Cyrus being in the building, going as far as commenting on what she was wearing, and where she was getting ready backstage.

“These were obviously lies because Miley was tweeting that she was still stuck and trying to get to Boston. At the open of the show they once again lied and claimed Miley was there. All of this added to the shock and disappointment when we were told that she wasn’t coming,” Nowak said.

Nowak thinks KISS 108 should either refund his $200, or at least throw a free performance for everyone that paid to go, but was let down by Cyrus. “KISS 108 needs to do something because we did not get what we paid for,” he said.

Other parents agreed.

“I spent $540 on three floor seat tickets just to have my 15-year-old son and two of his friends see Miley Cyrus. That’s all he wanted for Christmas and she didn’t even show up. Something must be done,” said Kathy L., of Dracut.

Deanna S. of Billerica was also ticked off about the deceitful nature in which the station handled the dilemma.

“We paid lots of money to see Miley Cyrus perform at the jingle ball. And were never informed that she would not be there. Furthermore, KISS 108 was intentionally lying to listeners of the show, implying that she was there,” she wrote.