‘Roadrunner’ Is Winning the State Rock Song War

Signs point to a triumph over "Dream On."

The Legislature’s Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight holds a hearing today on two bills, one proposing ‘Roadrunner’ be the state’s official rock song, the other offering ‘Dream On’ as the deserving candidate. Evidence suggests that ‘Roadrunner,’ the Modern Lovers 1970s ode to driving the streets of Massachusetts, is the early favorite.

In our own unscientific poll on the matter, online voters chose “Roadrunner” over “Dream On” as the likely victor by a 30 point margin. The Boston Globe’s editorial board endorsed Roadrunner this morning. “Music can be an ambassador, and ‘Roadrunner’ showcases Massachusetts at its most optimistic and openhearted,” the board wrote. “‘Dream On’ is depressing—read the lyrics—and has no local references.

Reporters attended the hearing itself, where momentum seemed clearly in favor of one side. Here are the live tweets from WBZ’s Carl Stevens.

Yikes. The hearing stretches on for a few hours, and the end result won’t be decisive. It’s just a committee hearing. Nor does the state legislature itself actually have to pick either bill. There’s no Constitutional mandate that we have a determined rock song. But if there is a choice made, we have a guess as to which one it’ll be.

Update: You can watch the testimony here, care of reporter Mike Deehan, or read his write-up.