This Is What Bill Belichick’s Joyful Face Looks Like

Belichick loves Christmas music. Who knew?

You might expect someone as no-nonsense as Bill Belichick to dispense with a lot of the holiday frivolity that goes on this time of year. Mall Santas don’t win Superbowls, after all, so exactly what purpose do they serve?

You would be wrong. Bill Belichick seems to straight up love Christmas. He loves it so much that when a reporter asked the Patriots coach to name his favorite holiday song, he got a bit starry-eyed.

“Actually, I enjoy all of them. I really do. Pretty much whichever one comes on puts a smile on my face. It’s a great time of year.” This was delivered in that classic stoic monotone that makes you constantly unsure whether he’s serious or just messing with you. The Hooded One is unknowable.

The sports media is greeting this clip with a fair amount of surprise, but it shouldn’t be that shocking. After all, what’s new about Bill Belichick refusing to give a simple answer to a reporter’s questions? Did you expect Old Stonewall to just come out and say, “Easy, Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You,'” and be done with it? Of course you didn’t.