Drug Bust Yields More Than 1,200 Bags of Heroin Marked ‘Obama Care’

A police dog sniffed it out of a car in the Northampton area.

There have been a lot of critics railing against the President’s Affordable Care Act, and the subsequent problems with the roll-out of the accompanying website which stonewalled users from signing up for healthcare.

But perhaps the biggest critics are a group of alleged drug peddlers that were stopped by Massachusetts State Police in the Western part of the state, allegedly carrying more than 1,000 marked bags of heroin with the words “Obama Care” sprawled across each packet in big, red letters.

According to police officials, early Friday morning an officer stopped a vehicle passing through Northampton after he witnessed what he called “several violations.”

From the report:

Trooper Petty stopped the vehicle a short time later in the Town of Hatfield. Trooper Petty made contact with the operator who was not properly licensed to drive the car. Trooper Petty also spoke to the passengers.

During the stop, Petty claimed he saw “evidence of illegal narcotics,” which led to him calling in a police K9 to sniff around the vehicle in search of drug paraphernalia.

During the search, police said the dog was able to locate more than 1,250 individually wrapped bags of heroin. The bags, according t photos posted by the Massachusetts State Police on both Facebook and twitter, were marked as “Kurt Cobain,” “Chanel 9,” and “Obama Care.”

“Drug traffickers frequently stamp a name or symbol on their packaging. It is a way of branding their product. You can draw your own conclusions as to the meaning—ironic or not—of this particular name,” Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio said in an email.

All four suspects that were in the car where the K9 found the heroin were held this morning, and are expected to appear in Northampton District Court to face various charges including trafficking heroin, conspiracy to violate drug laws, and possession to distribute a class A substance.