Why Won’t Anybody Give Tom Brady a High-Five?

The quarterback just can't catch a break from his football buddies.

Tom Brady boasts a list of on-field accolades that no doubt casts a shadow on the achievements of other sports greats.

But despite his notorious ability to connect a player with a football during games, Brady has a hard time making connections off the field during celebrations, as no one seems to want to high-five him.

In more than one instance, Brady has been left with his hand idly floating in the air when trying to engage in sportsman-like activity with his teammates during and after games. The latest failed attempt to get some love from players came after the Patriots’ win against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

Sure, Brady didn’t have the best day in terms of his career, after the Broncos’ Peyton Manning overstepped Brady’s 2007 record for most touchdown passes in a single season. But on the field, during the matchup with the Ravens, Brady helped bring the team a win over their sport rivals. Yet, still no high-fives were made.

The first instance of awkwardness happened after running back LeGarrette Blount made a touchdown Sunday, and started celebrating in the end zone. SB Nation captured the moment perfectly:


Then, when Brady went to celebrate with everyone else later on, he was left pacing back and forth along the sidelines, hand in plain view of the dozens of people shuffling around him, completely ignored.


To add dirt to the defeat, the NFL Tweeted out a short video of his failed high-five attempt, calling it a “must see.”

They even made a little compilation of some other moments this season where Brady was the butt-end of a brushed-off high-five.

There was the time that Brady made an extremely goofy face while sitting on the bench, and looked for someone to make the connection with as he waved his hand above his head. Luckily, Blount finally appeased Brady’s request for recognition. Unfortunately, the image was already etched into the Internet for all of eternity.


And of course, nobody can forget that time Julian Edelman just casually bypassed Brady’s outstretched hand during the second quarter of the game against the New Orleans Saints, when the Patriots were up 17-7. Brady surely tried to brush it under the rug, but again, the Internet is unforgiving, and the failed interaction between teammates quickly became a meme.


(GIF via FoxSports).