Q&A #5: The Impending Middlesex DA Heavyweight Bout

The answer to today's fifth Ask Bernstein Anything question.

“mapoli” asks, simply:

Thoughts on Middlesex DA?

I reply, simply: pass the popcorn.

Middlesex Clerk of Courts Michael A. Sullivan is taking on appointed incumbent Marian Ryan for one of the premier political seats in the Commonwealth.

I’m still hoping another heavyweight will jump in—there are plenty who drool over it—but I think it’s likely to remain a one-on-one.

If I had to bet money, I’d put it on Ryan. She’s a first-time stumper, but Deval Patrick picked her with confidence that she would not embarrass him out there. And it’s awfully tough to beat a sitting DA.

But Sullivan has been a political force in the county for a long time. And I don’t think his fundraising avenues will all be shut down by powers-that-be with Ryan.

This could be a blockbuster. I can only hope.


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