Q&A #7: How Wounded Is Michelle Wu?

The answer to today's seventh Ask Bernstein Anything question.

“Pete Christopher” asks the inevitable:

Are Michelle Wu’s 2013 supporters going to hold the Linehan vote against her come 2015? How can she repair the relationship?

There will be progressives who raised money for her in 2013 who won’t in 2015, and that will matter if there is a solid competitive challenge for At-Large seats that year.

As far as voters, sure, there will be some progressives who will withhold their vote, although my guess is she helped herself with other voters and backers who are more likely to show up at the polls in the non-mayoral election year.

And sure, she can repair the relationship if progressives decide to care more about her actual use of office to advance causes, than about her heavily symbolic but practically meaningless leadership vote. So, I’m guessing no.


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