A Sign Outside Of A Denver Bar Says Tom Brady Wears Ladies Underwear

Let the Patriots fans' rage begin.

A Denver bar has some loyal New England Patriots fans calling foul after it placed an elementary school-level insult about star quarterback Tom Brady on a large marquee on Monday.

The message, hanging outside of The Hornet restaurant and bar in downtown Denver, claims Brady wears women’s underwear, and has been hitting a nerve for those rallying for the Patriots to clinch the AFC Championship title against the Broncos in this weekend’s matchup. A win will advance one of the two teams to the Super Bowl in February.

Here’s the sign outside The Hornet:

Sean Workman, owner of The Hornet, said the photo of the marquee has been making the rounds online, and those who see it from the street have been honking in support of the message—Broncos fans, of course. Online, Workman said he has had to deal with angry messages from Patriots fans after people started lobbing obscenities at the bar’s Facebook page because of the marquee.

“I happened to see one on my phone on my way to work today. I checked my messages, and sure enough, someone was posting obscene words on our site,” he said, laughing it off.

One message is still on The Hornet’s Facebook page, and it reads:

Brady wears women’s underwear……………and [expletive] a supermodel whenever he so chooses. Broncos Suck ASS!

While people are getting offended by the jab at Brady, Workman said the sign is all for laughs to get Denver folks pumped up for the game. “I’m just tying to generate some fun for next weekend. We try and come up with some fun sign ideas and get people riled up here in town and give them something to laugh at as they drive by,” he said.

Besides, Workman is actually a New England fan, and even has ties to some other former Massachusetts sports stars.

People from Boston might see it as an even greater reason to hiss at Workman’s Brady bashing, given the circumstances, but the bar owner said he grew up with former Red Sox player Kevin Youkilis. “He’s married to Brady’s sister, so that’s sort of the irony of all of this,” he said. Workman said Youkilis would likely be in Denver with his wife, at the same time Brady takes on the Broncos at the Denver stadium.

When asked what color underwear he thought Brady wore, Workman declined to respond.

Late Wednesday night, the same Denver local returned to The Hornet, where a very different sign took a pot shot at another Patriots star. The message was fitting for a state where you can buy marijuana by the bundle: