Milford Police Release Footage of Fatal Ambulance Crash

The accident killed a patient riding in the vehicle and sent a paramedic to the hospital.

The Tuesday ambulance crash in Milford that killed the patient riding in the back and left the driver injured  was caught on surveillance video by a nearby camera, officials said.

In a short, 15-second clip posted to the Milford Police Department’s Facebook page, a Mercedes can be seen pulling out of a parking lot adjacent to the roadway where the ambulance was traveling. The car entering the road clips the back of the emergency vehicle, sending it flying into the air, and causing it to turn 360-degrees before landing on a median strip nearby.

A camera outside of Domino’s Pizza captured the footage of the crash, which happened across the street.

Officers from Milford issued the driver of the Mercedes two civil infractions, and are charging her with motor vehicle homicide. she has not been handed criminal charges in relation to the death of the patient in the ambulance. Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr.’s homicide detectives unit and officials from the Milford Police Department are handling the investigation into the accident, which remains ongoing.