MBTA Employees Help to Save Passenger Who Suffered from Cardiac Arrest

Kevin Bossart's family met with the workers this week to thank them for helping their son.

Photo via MBTA

Photo via MBTA

Two MBTA employees are being credited with helping save the life of a Quincy man who collapsed at a Red Line stop last week after suffering from heart complications.

While at the Wollaston Station stop on his way to his job, 24-year-old Kevin Bossart went into cardiac arrest, causing him to collapse on the spot and fall down a set of stairs at the T station before banging his head.

Lucky for Bossart, who suffers from a pre-existing heart condition, a T employee trained in CPR, who happened to be stationed at Wollaston that day to help out with weather-related train issues, was quick to rush to his aid and help to keep him breathing for close to an hour before he finally got to the hospital.

According to a statement from the MBTA:

MBTA Customer Service Agent Karen Kane saw [Bossart fall] and got Tomas Gonzales, an MBTA Training School Instructor that teaches CPR, to rush over and begin administering CPR. Inspector Gonzales performed CPR while an ambulance was on its way. [Bossart] had CPR performed on him for about 45 minutes by Inspector Gonzales, Quincy Fire and Fallon Ambulance [officials] before being… transported to Quincy Medical Center.

Bossart was later sent to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where doctors told his family that if not for the extensive CPR administered by Gonzales, their son may not have made it. “We’re so thankful for Inspector Gonzales and Karen Kane’s quick actions that they took to help our son,” said Bossart’s mother, Trish Bossart. “Without their initial efforts, we wouldn’t be able to continue with the care that Kevin is now receiving and we’re looking forward to his continued recovery.”

Bossart’s family met with Gonzales and Kane at the Wollaston stop on Monday to thank the T employees for their efforts until first responders arrived.

Bossart is still in critical condition at the hospital, and his family said he has a long road ahead. Friends and family members set up a GoFundMe.com account under Bossart’s name to try and offset the high cost of his medical bills, and already they have raised nearly $30,000.

“Although we’re not out of the woods yet, Kev is looking great and improving tremendously. Thank you all for your prayers, his family and friends appreciate all of the support more than you know,” the fundraising page’s administrator said.