Boston University Students Are Trying to Organize Another ‘Snowbrawl’ Fight

A police response and student arrest last year isn't enough to stop the college crowd from tossing snowballs.

Snowbrawl Image via YouTube

Snowbrawl Image via YouTube

Last year, when winter storm “Nemo” hit the East Coast, students from Boston University did the only thing there was left to do in a city that was all but shutdown: they had a massive snowball fight.

And although the large crowd of students pelting one another with hunks of snow was enough to draw attention from the BU Police Department, and led to the arrest of one person that allegedly nailed an officer with a white projectile, they are willing to take the risk and hold a sequel to the epic snow showdown.

A Facebook event created on Wednesday indicates that more than a couple hundred people are interested in taking part in “Snowbrawl Strikes Back,” the follow-up to the raucous fight that went down on the Esplanade in February 2013. Last year’s event made national headlines following the student’s arrest. The unidentified culprit was later charged with disorderly conduct, assaulting an officer, and resisting arrest. The student’s apprehension was also caught on video.

“What was the coolest thing to happen at BU in the past year? You all snow the answer: The Snowbrawl. At least 1,000 people were there and we made the news. As chill as that was, we can do even better,” said event organizer Chris Lisinski. “When else will you get a chance to go throw snowballs in innocent, good fun with all of your schoolmates? Soon enough, we’ll all be adults and it’s just not as cool to have giant snowball fights then.”

The event is supposed to go down around 3 p.m. on the Esplanade, a little earlier than last year’s impromptu fight at the same location. And even though this event has the potential to get shut down, or lead to similar problems as its predecessor’s, Lisinski said on the Facebook page that he has hopes that it’ll go more smoothly.

“This is all in good fun and good spirit,” he said. “That individual threw a snowball at a police officer [last tear], which is not quite the best idea. So don’t do that.”

Below is a video from last year’s gathering: