JetBlue Pulls a ‘Southie,’ Saves Airplane Parking Space with a Folding Chair

And we thought finding parking in the city was tough after a storm.

Photo Via JetBlue on Twitter

Photo Via JetBlue on Twitter

The fight over whether or not space-savers should be allowed in Boston—most notably in Southie—after a snowstorm hits the area has been dragging on for decades.

Some say yes, some say no, and some people slash other people’s tires if they move a cone or chair from a shoveled-out parking spot in the days following heavy snowfall.

But what’s harder than securing a space in Boston in the winter, after spending hours breaking your back to dig out a vehicle, and trying to claim the space as your own? Finding a spot for an airplane after a storm, according to the people over at JetBlue.

On Wednesday, the company tweeted out the above photo to their nearly 2 million followers, showing that the streets of Southie aren’t the only place you have to stake your claim with an inanimate object in the New England weather. The photo, which shows a chair occupying a small space on the tarmac next to the passenger loading zone, was accompanied by a bit of snark directed at the people who take their space-saving techniques to the limit.

JetBlue officials wrote:

You think Bostonians get possessive of parking spots for their CARS… #ParkingChair #dibs #OurGateNotYours

Almost instantly, their hashtags were trending. In a follow-up tweet they said that the chair was situated at Logan Airport, awaiting the arrival of the next airplane. At least those flying out from Boston won’t have to worry about their ride not arriving, even with the heavy snow.

Hey, JetBlue, you know the rules. Make sure that thing is gone within 48 hours. The mayor said so himself.