Video of the Arrest-Free Boston University ‘Snowbrawl’ Fight

This year's event was a little more tame than 2013's Snowbrawl.

The cops showed up and stood close by, but no Boston University students were arrested at this year’s massive snowball fight on the Esplanade.

As the heavy, damp snow started accumulating on Wednesday, students from Boston University used the opportunity to congregate along the Charles River and take part in a massive “Snowbrawl” fight.

It was the second time in as many years that hundreds of students got involved, amassing on short notice to whip hunks of snow at each others’ faces, but this year went off without a hitch. “Can you do this again, please,” one student wrote on the event page, after the fight ended.

Last year, when students organized for the “Nemo” Snowbrawl, it led to the arrest of one student, who was accused of hitting a campus police officer in the face with a snowball.

A day after this year’s Snowbrawl, a video of how it all went down was posted to YouTube—accompanied by some techno music—showing participants getting in on the action, and taking each other out. This year remained arrest-free, however. The event was also embraced by the BU community, apparently, because the video and accompanying photos that surfaced online were promoted by the school’s official news service, BUToday, which is published by the office of marketing and communications.