Yes, It’s Still Winter

And yes, it's going to snow...again.

Image via National Weather Service

Image via National Weather Service

Last time we peered through our blinds and looked outside, it was still winter in New England, which means more snow is on the way.

The latest storm in Boston could go one of two ways, however: Lots of snow, or lots of snow turned to rain.

It’s still too early to tell what’s in store for Boston, but the National Weather Service has already put out a “Winter Storm Warning” advisory for much of the state as a predicted Nor’easter barrels toward the area Thursday. But for now, the city is in the “Hazardous Weather Outlook” category, according to their website, which means for Boston it could be a lot of snow turned to rain.

A Winter Storm Warning is issued when an average of six or more inches is expected in a 12-hour period, or if eight or more inches fall in a 24-hour timeframe. “A significant winter storm will impact Southern New England Thursday and Thursday night. [The] latest forecast track suggests heaviest snowfall will be in the interior with snow changing to rain along the coast,” according to the National Weather Service.

Have a look:


Even so, prepare for a sloppy morning commute as people try and navigate the roads as they travel into work Thursday. The snowy, wet weather is expected to hit Massachusetts starting around 7 a.m. The latest map indicates the Western part of the state could get anywhere between 10 to 14 inches of snow while Boston could get two to four inches, depending on how much rain gets thrown into the mix. “Travel will be difficult early Thursday into Friday morning,” the National Weather Service said.

It’s been a busy winter for plow drivers across Massachusetts. In Boston alone, the city has seen 46 inches this season, far above the typical snowfall rates of previous years.