Missing in Action: Craigslist’s “Missed Connections,” Valentine’s Day Edition


Illustration by Daniel Krall

Ah, Boston, the city of romance. A moment of sizzling eye contact on the Red Line, a conversation at Dunkin’s—brief encounters like these can blossom into torrid passion. Then again, sometimes they just land on Craigslist’s “Missed Connections.” In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are two local admirers from afar who we hope find each other soon.


Smitten at: Papa John’s, Brighton

“I was extremely drunk and clearly out of control for no reason whatsoever. I am looking for the guy in Papa John’s that I walked up to and randomly crushed his glasses in my hand. If you are him or know who he is please contact me!!!”


Smitten at: Melrose-Wakefield Hospital, Melrose

“On Friday the 13th in the afternoon, I was at the hospital with my mother. You checked out her symptoms. You were working in the emergency room. Would love to see that hot body out of those scrubs. Yum.”