The Guide to Which Red Sox Shaved Their Beards

Johnny Gomes became the latest to publicly trim his facial hair. Which of the rally beards remain?

For the Red Sox, bushy beards came to symbolize an improbable underdog season, a movement that will forever evoke the 2013 World Series win. The team said soon afterward that the #GetBeard phenomenon was a one-time thing. But that still leaves players with a personal grooming decision. After all, the beard thing started organically simply because some players felt like having Duck Dynasty-esque facial hair.

But when it comes to shaving, there seems to be a difference of opinion. Johnny Gomes, who had one of the most fearsome manes of all, became the latest to make a public display of shaving, or at least trimming. He posted a YouTube video promoting the Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 9100 (cha-ching) and chatted with his beard. It got kinda weird. By the end, though, the beard remained largely intact.

Others, too, say they plan to stay unshaven. “I plan to keep mine,” Mike Napoli said in response to the Gomes video. Still, like Gomes, he admits he’ll likely trim it up.

For fans, this creates hard work. You were just getting used to telling the difference between players, and now you’ve got to remember what some of them looked like under all that facial hair. We thought we’d keep a running scorecard of which beards remain (even if groomed) and which got the ax, using that old graphic the team put out last year:

beards (1)

Dustin Pedroia: Pedroia appeared clean shaven soon after the World Series win. Knowing his lengthier history with facial hair, though, we imagine it’ll be back.

David Ross: He said he shaved last month.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia: Not only did Salty sign with the Marlins, he did so looking fresh faced.

David Ortiz and Shane Victorino: In what is surely the strangest fate ever to befall good luck beards, Ortiz and Victorino shaved  for charity, then had their clippings enshrined in trophies that someone bought on eBay.

Clay Buchholz: There was no time wasted. Buchholz got a shave within a day of the World Series win.

We can’t find news of the beard status of John Lackey, Ryan Dempster, or Mike Carp, but if you have inside info, let us know and we’ll update the report card.