Watch a News Anchor Call the Snow in Lowell ‘Slutty’

She got her words mixed up while describing the wintry mix of snow and rain.

It has long been tradition for news anchors in Massachusetts to post up in different parts of the state during snowstorms so that they can describe what the conditions are like to viewers, and show them what the snow looks like in various regions.

According to one news anchor on WCVB’s Channel 5, who hunkered down in Lowell during Thursday’s storm, the snowfall there was a bit more, uh, promiscuous.

“The wind is beginning to pick up here in Lowell, and again not really more accumulating snow, but just a biting, granular, kind of slutty—excuse me—slushy, icy snow,” the anchor said, describing the conditions.

Wait—did she say “slutty?”

Yep. Dirty, filthy, slutty snow, creeping into communities like Lowell and just spreading itself around with reckless abandon.

The reporter signs off with the name “Julie,” before the video cuts out, but WCVB’s website shows that it was Julie Loncich who was on the Lowell beat during the snowstorm this week. The “slutty” mishap was, of course, stripped from the video posted to the news channel’s website.

A viewer caught the slip-up on video (you can hear them sort of gasp in the background, and then start to snicker) and posted the report online Friday. The blunder is nothing short of a Freudian slip, but unfortunately, since so many people had their eyes on the changing weather, it didn’t go under the radar. We don’t judge, Loncich, other anchors have certainly done worse.  A lot worse, actually. 

Lowell was perhaps one of the hardest-hit places in terms of accumulation on Thursday as yet another severe snowstorm dropped heavy snow and slush across the state. Lowell got about 10 inches of snow, and schools were closed, while in Boston it was just a wintry mix of flakes and rain—and not quite as vivacious as the area Loncich was in, apparently.