Scott Brown Is Basically a Touring Member of Cheap Trick

He played with the band for the second time this weekend.

There are a lot of ways to follow up on a career in the U.S. Senate. It’s traditional to move to Chevy Chase, take a lobbying job, and kiss the home state goodbye. Far more original is moving to a different state and running for Senate again. But as second acts go, taking up guitar and joining your favorite rock band would be downright unique.

We’re not sure which direction Scott Brown will take his post-Senate career. He’s doing some of the traditional firm work and talking-head gigs. He might find another door into the Senate as a New Hampshire resident. (Folks who have seen him shirtless think so.) But if that doesn’t work out, there’s always the touring musician route, because for the second time in recent months, Brown has appeared on stage—guitar in hand and a song in his heart—alongside the band Cheap Trick to accompany them on their hit “Surrender.”

“Just played guitar with Cheap Trick. It was sooooooo fun,” he tweeted. Above, you can watch him rocking out on guitar.

Brown told the Boston Herald that he met Cheap Trick and befriended lead guitarist Rick Nielsen while in the Senate, “doing work on music pirating issues.”  It’s been a fruitful partnership. He also played with them in August 2013 at an event in New Hampshire. Thus was it taken as yet another frivolous indication that he might launch a Senate run. Or was he actually giving us insight into his real future plans? Those of a Republican politician-turned-rock star? Could Scott and Ayla put together a family act?

“It was a lot of fun,” Brown portentously told the Herald. “… Looking forward to doing it again.” Yeah you are.