Scott Brown Is Still Talking Head for Fox News [Updated]

The latest, latest, latest sign that he may really run in New Hampshire turns out to be a false alarm.

Former officeholder and current rock guitarist Scott Brown remains a contributor at FOX News despite earlier reports that he and the network had gone separate ways.

Brown joined Fox as a contributor in February 2013 offering commentary on politics. All the while, his apparent interest in running for Senate grew more obvious. So when the Boston Globe quoted an unnamed FOX representative saying he was “out of contract” with the network, it seemed like yet another minor sign that he would, in fact, run. (Forming an exploratory committee would void his contract, the Globe reported.) Always curious, we and others quickly picked up the Globe’s story.

But Bill Shine, the EVP of programming at FOX News, says that Scott Brown is still a contributor with the network. “Senator Brown has renewed his contributor agreement with FOX News,” Shine said in a statement. “The previous year-long agreement expired on February 11th and was never terminated — this was purely administrative. We look forward to his continuing political analysis and insight across the network.”

So for now, his status at FOX doesn’t add to the long list of frequently frivolous omens suggesting Brown will run, including, but not limited to, a permanent move to New Hampshire, an upcoming speech at the high-profile Republican conference there, a topless pic on the front page of the New Hampshire Union Leader, and a gig with the band Cheap Trick. (Political off years really have us grasping at things to speculate over.)

Rather, Brown could very easily keep his gig at FOX and decide against a campaign. After all, New Hampshire Senator is just the latest in a series of offices Brown has very publicly considered. He teased the idea of a run for John Kerry’s Senate seat, the Massachusetts governorship, and even president. (He may still pursue that last one.) The Washington Post last week listed signs that Brown may not run. (Not among their reasons: the fact that he keeps singing “Surrender” in public.) He might in fact be playing a different game:

… it could all be an elaborate fan dance by a faded phenom, aimed at maintaining the kind of interest that fuels speaking fees and television appearances. Then again, maybe it is just what Brown says it is: He is in New Hampshire because that is where his family needs him to be.

If he’s going the route of increasing his visibility and post-Senate paychecks, leaving FOX doesn’t make much sense. Those of us eager for signs that he would jump into the race will have to look elsewhere for proof.