What’s Next for Conley, Murphy, and Forry?

The answer to question 1 in today's Ask Bernstein Anything day.

Let’s start with three questions about the political futures of Boston pols:

“Sean B” asks:

Boston City Councilor Stephen Murphy has expressed interest in a state-wide seat. Any chance he is looking to run again this year for something else?

“Rob” wants to know:

What does the future hold politically for Linda Dorcena Forry?

And from “RoxKid”:

After running for mayor last year, Dan Conley has signed up to run for re-election for Suffolk County District Attorney. Will this time be his last time? And is he possibly planning to leave for another job soon?

Murphy had certainly wanted to run for state Treasurer again, but in the end chose not to. It looks like he’ll have to bide his time on the Council for a while—and perhaps look for an appointment from the new governor in 2014.

State Senator Forry has a wide-open future, but my guess is that she maintains her new spot for a little while, and works to build her political capital by helping (or not helping) other pols and causes. It’s easy to see her as a future congressional candidate (although, would hubby Bill ever leave Dorchester for DC?), but I wouldn’t be surprised if her post-senate path lies in an administrative/executive role, whether via appointment to city or state agency, or hiring by a non-profit organization. Meanwhile—though I wouldn’t necessarily advise it—she could have a short path to senate leadership, and eventually the senate presidency, if she wants it.

As for Dan Conley, my advice to him is to endorse Charlie Baker, and hope he wins and gives him a judicial appointment. I think he’d like that.


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